Department of Education (“Chinuch”)


Gush Etzion’s schools are among the most distinguished in Israel. From the beginning, it has been the goal of the Regional Council to constantly improve the education in the schools, in the university institutions and within the communities. The wellness of our children – their intellectual and moral preparation for life – are our foremost responsibility. This is our deep-rooted conviction and our commitment to the residents of Gush Etzion.

The Regional Council of Gush Etzion provides an enriching and diversified educational system, allowing every inhabitant to find the school which best suits the needs of their children among the 17 schools in the area.


Maon (Daycare)

Maonot are for children up to 3 years old. They run Sunday through Thursday, 7:00am-4:00pm and Fridays, 7:00am-1:00pm, from the start of the school year until August. Registration is usually in May, on the website


Gan (ages 3-5)

Registration for Ganim usually takes place in January. Families must register as soon as possible afterwards, as there is no guarantee of space in the gan of their Yishuv. To register for Ganim, please click here.

In case of problems or questions, please be in touch with the Ganim department by email – or by phone 02-993-9972.

Ganim run from Sunday to Thursday until 4pm (Gan 5) or 2pm (Gan 3-4) with an option of extended care ‘Tzaharon’ until 4pm. On Friday the Ganim run until 12:45 (Gan 3-4) or until 12:00 (Gan 5). To register for Tzaharon, please click here.




All Gush Etzion residents are guaranteed a place in a school in their area, regardless of date of registration. However, it is highly recommended to be in touch with the school to let them know that you plan to register your child.

If your child is entering 1st grade school or if you want to register for other schools not listed below, please contact the Education Department. Otherwise, registration is directly through the school. The Aliyah department is glad to advise and to assist with the registration process.


School Transportation System (hasaot)

Students who live in Gush Etzion are eligible for free transportation to the schools in their area. Each Yishuv has marked bus stops, and students get on at the most convenient stop. The Moetza website includes a schedule with details of pick-up times of buses at each stop here.

Note – If your child studies in Jerusalem or elsewhere, call the Moetza to find out if you are eligible for a Moetza ha’saa (school bus) to Jerusalem: 02-9939930.

In special cases, you may contact Yehudit, the transportation coordinator at the municipality: or 02-9939942


Hebrew help

All new students in their first year of Aliyah, from first grade and onwards, are entitled to Ulpan enrichment at least once a week (Ministry of Education guidelines), for Hebrew help. In addition, there is a Bat Sherut appointed specifically to work with new Olim in schools with a high concentration of olim.


School culture/Teacher communication

There are parent-teacher conferences two-three times a year, but it is recommended to reach out to your children’s teachers to hear how they are progressing academically and socially. Don’t hesitate to give a call to the teachers and yoatzim (guidance counselors). You can call the school to get the teacher’s phone number.


Schools list

Carmei YehudaBoys’ Mamad* 4th through 8th grade02-9931150Alon Shvut*
Chen NeryaGirls’ Mamad* 4th through 8th grade02-9931115Alon Shvut*
Shirat ChananMamad* 1st through 3rd grade02-9309480Alon Shvut*
Resheet Mamad* Meshalev* 02-9931043Alon Shvut*
Ulpanat OriyaGirls’ High School 02-9959218Alon Shvut*
Ulpanat Neve ChanaGirls’ High School02-9931262Alon Shvut*
Mekor Chaim Yeshiva High SchoolBoys’ High School 02-9934810Alon Shvut*
Shlomo Nativ Talmud Torah of Gush EtzionBoys’ Talmud Torah 1st through 8th grade Girls’ Talmud Torah 1st through 8th grade02-9933235Bat Ayin
Orot Yehuda Yeshiva High SchoolBoys’ High School 02-9933406Efrat
Neve Shmuel Yeshiva High SchoolBoys’ High School 02-5488430Efrat
Derekh Avot Torah High School for BoysBoys’ High School 02-9938311/2Efrat
Maale AmosHareidi Girls’ School02-9931101Ma’aleh Amos
Maale AmosTalmud TorahMa’aleh Amos
Orot Etzion Gush Etzion BoysBoys’ Mamad Torani  02-5861628Neve Daniel
Orot Etzion Gush Etzion GirlsGirls’ Mamad Torani  02-5406418Neve Daniel
KedemReligious and secular, 1st to 8th grade02-6505956Nokdim
Ulpanat Rosh TzurimGirls’ High School02-9933889Rosh Tsurim
Echai (Achdut Yisrael)Religious and secular, 1st through 3rd grade02-9962320Tekoa
Echai (Achdut Yisrael)Religious and secular, 4th through 8th grade02-9962320Tekoa

* Mamad = Mamlachti-Dati (Religious-Public)

* Alon Shvut = adjacent to Alon Shvut, in the HaGiva HaTseuba

* Meshalev = Integration and Inclusion of Special Needs Children into Mainstream classes


Special Education

If you are making Aliyah with a child who has special education needs, please contact the Regional Special Education Coordinator at the Moetza, by phone 02-9939949 / 050-4012083 or by email

It is highly recommended to be in contact well before you arrive in Israel. A ‘Placement Committee’ (va’adat hasama) will take place, which will assess your child’s needs and determine what placement (which school? type of classroom?) will best fit your child. It is very important to start this process as early as you can manage because it can take time to complete.

Afikim Center for Gifted Children

Afikim is a program for gifted children from Gush Etzion, Efrat, and Kiryat Arba-Hebron which runs only on Mondays from 8am to 1pm. Students from all schools take a screening test in second grade, and the top 3% of students are accepted into the program. This test is offered in foreign languages- to assist Olim students. Among the subjects covered in Afikim: architecture, landscaping, art, creative thinking, astrophysics, chemistry, law, debate, mathematical thinking, science and investigation, neuroscience, and more.



Matnas Gush Etzion

Community Center (Matnas)  02-993-7999

The Matnas of Gush Etzion offers a variety of services for local residents of all ages. The main branch is located in Givah haTzeuba (close to Alon Shvut) beside the Moetza, but the Matnas organizes activities and events all around Gush Etzion.

Some services to take note of are:

Chugim (extra-curricular activities)

There are a wide range of activities for children and adults, which take place at the Matnas or in the yishuvim. Some programs include: basketball, soccer, tae-kwan-do, chess, musical instruments, art, gymnastics, electronics, theatre, dance and much more!

Exercise Club and Swimming Pool

A swimming pool and a gym (with separates hours) as well as a women’s Fitness Studio are located next to the Matnas (Community Center) and offer a wild range of exercise classes and options.


Every month there are a variety of cultural events, which take place at the Matnas, including movies, stand-up comedy, concerts, plays, sport events and more.

Big Brother/Sister Program

The Matnas works with local high school volunteers to coordinate big sisters or brothers for the younger olim students. For more information – please be in touch with the olim coordinator.

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