Welcome to Gush Etzion! Aliyah is at once a privilege and yet a challenge, both rewarding and demanding. Making Aliyah entails not only physically relocating but also an adjustment to a new set of cultural norms and economic realities, not to mention a new language and, very likely, a new career path. 

Hebrew Studies

The first thing to do, of course, is to learn the language. The Ministry of Integration and the Regional Council of Gush Etzion offer you a few options of ulpan:

  • An ulpan class, in Jerusalem

Learning Hebrew is the single most important skill to help new olim integrate into Israeli society and can open the door to many employment opportunities. Misrad Haklita offers a free intensive Hebrew course called “Ulpan” for new olim within their first 18 months post-Aliyah.

  • A “Conversational Hebrew” ulpan (Voucher Program), in Gush Etzion

Olim are also offered a “Conversational Hebrew” ulpan – Hebrew studies with a conversation orientation. This ulpan takes place in very small groups (4 to 8 people).

  • A professional ulpan, for some specific professions

For olim looking to enter a field that requires professional certification there are field-specific “Advanced Hebrew for Regulated Professions Ulpans” focused on teaching olim professional terminology and preparing them for their licensing exam

  • Weekly Hebrew lessons

In addition, the Gush Etzion Regional Council provides weekly Hebrew lessons for all levels. 

Employment Help

After ulpan, a few possibilities are open to help you with employment:

  • A skills assessment
  • Vocational training programs
  • Business start-up assistance
  • Job search assistance: Please contact Reut reutg@gush-etzion.org.il

For more information, please consult our employment manual here.

שתי נשים לומדות

Where can we find a job?

The proximity to Jerusalem makes finding a job in the capital very convenient, but we are also not far from Beit Shemesh and Tel Aviv.

Besides that, the inhabitants of the Gush also find work near home: indeed, our region is extremely vibrant and our industrial areas grow quickly. We have many jobs to offer in the educational field, liberal professions, handicrafts, tourism, services to individuals, business and more…