Welcome to Gush Etzion


The Regional Council of Gush Etzion is located southeast of Jerusalem.

There are 24 settlements under its jurisdiction, of which 8 are mixed (religious-secular), 8 are dati leumi, 3 are kibbutzim, and 2 are haredi.


Gush Etzion has developed quite a bit in the past decade and has doubled its population, boasting a population of more than 24,000 residents today.

One of the most important characteristics of Gush Etzion is its diversity, expressed in the variety of settlements and the mixture of religious, secular, traditional, and haredi communities, from every ethnic background and socio-economic level.


Gush Etzion is a mountainous and rocky region located 900 meters above sea level.

Due to the altitude, our winters are cold (relative to the Israeli climate) with occasional snow.

In the summer, residents enjoy pleasant breezes and a relatively temperate and enjoyable climate even on hot days.


Gush Etzion is centrally located: the Gush Etzion Junction is 16 km from Jerusalem, 26 km from Beit Shemesh, 80 km from Tel Aviv, and 83 km from Beer Sheva.



Since its founding, the municipality has placed a great emphasis education, in schools, academic institutions, and in public spaces. Deep commitment to education is a constant and inseparable component of every activity of the municipality and its residents.

The Regional Council of Gush Etzion is home to a wide range of rich educational opportunities, allowing every family to find just the right place to educate their children—in the 25 schools in Gush Etzion, among others.

The educational institutions run by the municipality are among the finest in Israel

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